Past Editions

Past Editions

Issue Ten: A Client's Guide for Engaging a Coach

This issue is a guide for how to find the right Coach in an unregulated industry and it provides tips and suggestions for getting the most out of your Coaching sessions.  This issue busts open 10 common myths that people have about coaching and arms you with helpful questions and information to make sure your investment and your Coaching experience is a positive and productive one.

Issue Nine: Creating an Intentional Career

This issue explores how to foster a strategic and intentional approach to our careers and professional development so that we have more choice, purposefully move towards what excites us and hold ourselves accountable to our own development.  It explores 4 key aspects to successful career planning.

Issue Eight: Wellbeing on Purpose

This issue examines the connection between wellbeing and Emotional Intelligence and posits that wellbeing is balancing energy expenditure and renewal as well as creating our own 'recipe for wellness' which is individual and developed experimentally.

Issue Seven: The Essentials of Emotional Intelligence

This issue gives a brief orienting history of EQ and poses a brand new model to simplify and encapsulate all elements of EQ!  Through PunkPD's Trinity Model of EQ, the 3 essential components are explored.  This edition is essential for anyone wanting to enhance their success in today's workplaces, build loving and supportive relationships and respond to a range of complex social situations with confidence and fortitude.

Issue Six: The Perils of 'Nice'

This edition explores how 'being nice' can seriously get in the way of leadership and management capability and what we should be doing instead.

Issue Five: The 3 Essentials to Shaping Workplace Dynamics in a Masterful Way

This issue explores 3 essential leadership skills we can foster to be a powerful change agent to lead and shape our workplace culture and team dynamics.  These skills are 'outside the box' and you won't read about them anywhere else...

Issue Four:  Getting More of What You Want

This issue explores why there is sometimes a disconnect between what we have and what we say we want and proposes how we bridge that gap to get more of what we truly desire.

Issue Three:  Your Version of Success

This issue explores how our definition of success is commonly defined and limited by our dominant culture.  Power and Money are one piece of the puzzle but are often sought after while other areas of our lives become depleted or lacklustre.  Defining our own version of success is a crucial step towards a life that is lived on purpose.

Issue Two:  Emotional Intelligence

This issue explores practical ways we can develop our Emotional Intelligence to enhance our personal and professional lives, build powerful relationships with others and understand and respond to our feelings and thoughts in constructive and helpful ways.

Issue One:  Leading Your Career

Leading your Career addresses the key issues surrounding taking charge of your career direction and development.

The Punk Edition focuses on diverse and complex issues in the world of leadership and emotional intelligence.  Enjoy!

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