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What kind of coaching does PunkPD offer?
PunkPD specialises in developmental coaching for individuals or couples. The coaching techniques are firmly grounded in the fields of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neuro-Semantics and Meta-Coaching. The coaching facilitates developmental and self-actualisation processes for the client in a way that creates transformational, lasting and positive changes in behaviour and the beliefs and values that will best support this desired state. Essentially, the coaching gets into the core of the client's 'human software' and facilitates the client to make the desired changes to give them their highest results and desired outcomes.

What is special about NLP, Neuro-Semantics and Meta-Coaching?
Using these techniques, the client is facilitated to identify and foster their desired potentials and bring them into the real world. The Meta-Coaching approach creates a synergy between behaviour (physical and actual ways of being in the world) and thought patterns (values, frames, beliefs, visions, challenges) to actualise the client's desired outcomes.

"These neuro-semantic models are now leading the field of Coaching as they describe the psychology of human functioning, communication, change and transformation, self-actualization, system thinking, and the coach's skill of process facilitation"
(L. Michael Hall, PhD, 2015).

Is Coaching for me?
If you want to make a change, or perhaps many, and have felt as though you lacked the skills, resources, motivations or were unable to make the change stick- coaching is for you. If you have felt that you have potential that you haven't yet tapped into- coaching is for you. If you want to gain the skills and insights to understanding your internal processing, the way you think and why you think what you think and respond the way you respond- coaching is for you.

What can I expect from Coaching?
You can expect our experienced coaches to honour the story you bring and fully support you in actualising your desired outcomes. You can expect our coaches to mirror back to you your thinking so that you can examine it and see if it works for you. You can expect to be challenged in service of you reaching your desired outcomes. You can expect a safe, compassionate and private environment to bring your desired outcomes to life.

I still have questions about Coaching...
PunkPD's vision is to build capacity so that you may live the life you truly desire, unleash all of your potential and rock your own world! Get in touch with our Principal Coach to explore what coaching is, discuss your needs, goals and questions and decide if you are ready to get busy creating your desired life!

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