About Us

About Us

Meet the PunkPD Team

The consultants at PunkPD have provided high-quality services for a decade. Serving clients across Australia, we are pleased to have some of Canberra’s most awesome professionals on our team.

Punk PD

Abby Rees


Abby is a self-confessed ‘Education Junkie’, University Lecturer, Education and Empowerment Writer, Behaviour and Change Specialist, Executive Meta-Coach and artistic thinker.

Energy, Excellence and Tenacity are not mere words on PunkPD's banner, they capture Abby's drive and personality.

Ken Eccles

Senior Consultant

Ken Eccles is people-driven and understands that organisational objectives hinge on the effectiveness of (and value felt by) the people in an organisation.

Ken brings a decade of diverse experience across Government in scoping, creating and delivering a range of learning and development programs. Ken's experience spans equipping frontline supervisors, managers, leaders and strategic planners, with the people and governance skills required to achieve organisational outcomes in high-risk work environments.


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Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.  One of our consultants would be happy to assist you.

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